The Case for Israel - A New Landmark Documentary with Alan Dershowitz

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Eilat Mazar, PhD

Eilat Mazar, PhD
Senior Fellow, Shalem Center, Institute for the Archaeology of the Jewish People

Eilat Mazar is a third-generation Israeli archaeologist, specializing in Jerusalem and Phoenician archaeology. She has been a senior fellow at the Shalem Center’s Institute for the Archaeology of the Jewish People since 2003, and is a scholar at the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University. Mazar has directed or worked on numerous digs in the Jerusalem area and in the coastal town of Achziv, and is supervising the multi-volume publication of findings from the Temple Mount excavations in Jerusalem, which were led by her grandfather, Benjamin Mazar, and in which she participated. She is author of The Complete Guide to the Temple Mount Excavations (Shoham, 2000) as well as dozens of articles. Mazar completed her PhD at Hebrew University in 1997. She recently concluded the first phase of an archaeological excavation that revealed the remains of what might prove to be the palace built for King David by King Hiram of Tyre (Samuel II 5:11).

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