The Case for Israel - A New Landmark Documentary with Alan Dershowitz

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Phyllis Chesler, PhD

Phyllis Chesler, PhD
Author and Psychotherapist

Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at City University of New York and an affilated Professor with Haifa and Bar Ilan Universities. She has lectured and organized political, legal, religious and human rights campaigns in the United States and in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. A popular guest on campuses and in national and international print, television, radio and online media, she has been an expert commentator on the major events of our time. She has lived in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as well as Kabul, Afghanistan. A prolific writer, Dr. Chesler has authored 13 books, including: The New Anti-Semitism: The Current Crisis an What We Must Do About It; Women and Madness; Women of the Wall: Claiming Sacred Ground at Judaism’s Holy Site; and The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom.

Dr. Chesler has appeared on The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Ophrah, Nightline, CSPAN, 700 Club, CNN, Court TV, CSPAN, The Dennis Prager Show, Donahue, Geraldo, The History Channel, Israel National Radio, Al-Hurrah, The MacNeil-Lehrer Report, MSNBC, NPR, and Washington Journal and on network and local radio and TV programs all over North America and Europe. Most recently, she has been interviewed hundreds of times in the media about anti-Semitism, jihadic terrorism and Islamic gender and religious apartheid and has delivered many lectures on these subjects.

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